About Us
Applying advanced techniques and sustainability principles in the world of tunnelling
Tunnels as passages towards a more safe and sustainable future for the users


TunnelPro was established in 2018 when the stakeholders Ghella and Master Drilling jointly acquired the technical branch of SELI Technologies.
The company is a complete and unique actor in the world of tunnelling, since it comprises SELI’s specific know-how in designing machinery for mechanical excavations, Ghella’s experience in realizing civil works involving tunnels, and Master Drilling’s experience in developing mining projects in non-urban environments.
Since August 2020 TunnelPro is fully owned  by Ghella, and operates in the following business areas:
•    Design and manufacturing of Tunnel Boring Machines and related equipment to be used in projects like railway infrastructures, renewable energy plants, civil works
•    Designing and studying new prototypes of machinery for mechanical excavations
•    Supplying technical services and assistance for projects involving tunnelling projects


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