Back Up

TunnelPro has decades of experience in the design and manufacture of back-up systems for every type of TBM and has developed several layout concepts ('Modular', 'Compact', 'Portal', 'Discrete' etc.).

Our design adopts the following ideas and solutions:
All back-up cars are built with bolted elements for easier dismounting and transport to site and back;
Each item of equipment is mounted and installed on its own separate structural frame and then positioned on the back-up deck. This allows easier assembly and dismounting operations;
All TBM auxiliary equipment (hydraulic power packs, electric cabinets and operator console, transformers, lubrication power pack, others) is installed on the first cars after the TBM. This facilitates connection to the TBM, testing and operation;
All operation are fully mechanized with no manual work required;
Increase the safety of the working areas;
Improve the efficiency of the tunneling system;
Increase the productivity of the tunneling system;
Decrease the manpower necessary to operate the TBM;
Decrease the assembly and disassembly costs and time;
Decrease the transport cost;
Be able to work with a tunnel conveyor as well with a demucking train;

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