The Company

TunnelPro S.p.A. is a company set up in 2018 by Ghella S.p.A and Master Drilling Group to work in the mechanized excavation world, especially through Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM). The company’s management, structure and know-how have been entirely transferred from SELI Technologies, a very well-known and experienced Italian TBM manufacturer.

Ghella S.p.A. (Italy), is a worldwide leading TBM tunneling contractor, with 124 years of experience in tunnelling, more than 150 km of tunnels excavated with TBM and more than 40 TBMs employed worldwide.

Master Drilling Group (South Africa), is a world leader in specialized drilling solutions and deep shaft excavation with raise boring machines, with more than 150 equipment spread around the world, with in-house expertise in design, manufacturing of boring machines.

The above-mentioned combination brings to TunnelPro a unique high specialization in execution of challenging tunnel projects and in the manufacturing of innovative boring machines prototypes.