Jobsite Equipment

TBM & back-up are the heart of a tunneling project, but there is additional equipment which is vital for carrying out the excavation. For example, as the boring machine travels along the tunnel, in many cases a train goes back and forth from it to the construction site to transport personnel and consumables. TunnelPro can design & supply all types of Rolling Stock equipment used for this purpose.
If the excavated rock fragments are transported out by train, the material must be quickly discharged in the jobsite's designated area to preserve the work efficiency. TunnelPro can design & supply the devices used for this operation, usually called Muck Cars Tipplers even though some are roto-dumpers.
Finally, TunnelPro has a consolidated experience in designing the thrust frames used in the machine's start-up phase, or the devices used especially in metro projects to translate the TBM from one breakthrough point to the start of the next excavation tract.